About Us

Michal Palti and Lilach Rubin live through food. Michal is a former food correspondent for “Haaretz” daily newspaper; Lilach is a culinary expert and food researcher for East Jerusalem. Their 3 central shared values led to the creation of the East Jerusalem Food Company.

Soul Food

All food is Soul Food.  Food connects people whether they are sitting together breaking bread, or eating the same recipe on different sides of the world. Food transcends time. When a product is created in the twenty-first century, following the same method that has been used for 1600 years, a connection exists. A connection between each generation of the family that makes that food, and a connection to every person that consumes it, past or present. The connection crosses eras, epochs, ages – a timeless experience. When we eat food, it is more than a physiological occurrence; it’s a spiritual, soulful, emotional, cultural phenomenon that can affect us in many ways.

Sustainable Industry

Our relationship with the world around us is a tender one; the earth supports us and we must support it. How a food is bought from nature to our palates, influences our experience of it. It is of vital importance to us that all of our foods are produced, packaged, transported in an ethical manner in order to provide our customers with the purest possible experience.

We Eat With Our Eyes

The first glimpse of a food is our first encounter with it; before taste, before smell, before touch. We believe that beautiful food, packaging and presentation is a vital part of the food experience. We want you to connect to the uniqueness of our products from the very first sight

You are welcome to taste the goods of jerusalem!