Only Locally Sourced

Our products are produced very carefully, with a lot of attention by farmers from east Jerusalem area. We pay a lot of attention to the “Terroir” – the French word for “land” – is the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop’s phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a crop’s specific growth habitat.

Our tahini and halva is being made especially for us in a special line call :”EL NAJEM” by kamel hashalmon who is the owner and the chef behind “el Yasmin” tahini and halva from abu gosh and Nablus.

Our yogurt stone is being made for us from a variety of farmers near Nablus and the city of hebron, from pasturized and pure organic goat milk. The herd of goats is being fed only from the natural flora of Jerusalem mountains.

We pick the candies carefully for you from “El Hamed” family , that keeps the production process with only natural ingredients: beetroot to keep the beutifull purple color, and honey instead of sugar. All our candies are produced with hlavitsa and sapooria root and without food coloring and .

The olive oil is from few different area , with slight different taste , as in wine terroir , the olives are picked within the first two month of the season and the olive is very aromatic and fruity. We use the vineyard of Beit Jalla, Sachnin, and Ramalla and our supplier is the Jubran family – synonym for quality in this area.