The East Jerusalem Goods Company was made by foodies for foodies. We love our locally available produce and are impassioned about sharing it with every-one and any-one who wishes to journey with us through the Middle-Eastern palate.

  • Coffee and cookies gift box -Maamul and grounded coffee fresh from jerusalem

  • Fresh grounded coffee from jerusalem with 4 cups

  • gourmet halva blocks and tahini sauce free shipping

    Gift Box from Jerusalem Gourmet halvah blocks and Tahini sauce

  • Gift box from Jerusalem with tahini jars halvah blocks, spices and coffee

  • Gift Box of jerusalem – mini jars with Tahini, grape syrup and sesame candies

  • Gift box of jerusalem candies: coconut, sesame, hlavitsa, organic vegan gourmet

  • Halvah four flavours mini pack gourmet of jerusalem

  • Holy land Olive oil Dead sea Mud Soap natural vegan jerusalem israel

  • Jerusalem Gift: Armenian plate set of 2 ,16cm size with natural olive oil soap

  • Majhul palm fresh vacuum packed 300g

  • Organic all natural bars from east jerusalem

  • Salep powder gift box

  • Sesame Tahini Flavor Set of 4 330g each

    Sesame Tahini Flavor Set of 4

  • Soap gift package from Jerusalem: Seaweed, Coal, Vanilla, Lavender Bath bomb

  • Spices gift box with apron chef


We are uniquely placed to create and deliver gifts for foodies that are unparalleled in quality, taste, presentation, and ultimately enjoyment.  We have dedicated our lives and our careers to cooking, creating, sharing, understanding, dialoguing; all of the essential elements to a deep and rich relationship with food. Our gift ideas for foodies are so highly acclaimed, simply because we know what foodies love. 

Our emphasis on high quality foods means that our products excel when it comes to choosing gifts for foodies. Our suppliers are all local families and artisans who have been practicing their art for decades, and in many cases generations. The raw materials used are of the highest of quality, and the values of our brand are those of fair trade and organic farming.  The products that we choose to sell, are the quintessential tastes of our region. Our halvah and tahini for example are all locally made, using traditional methods. Our hot desert, salep, is something that few people have heard of, but in our corner of the globe is an absolute favorite. The Olive Oils we sell are all made from Palestinian olives gathered from the best olive growing regions of the area. Each of the oils presents a unique aroma and taste, like a good wine. These are just some examples of how we bring the best of our region to our friends around the world. 

When looking for gift ideas for foodies with an interest in Middle Eastern tastes, The East Jerusalem Goods Company is everything you need. Our collection offers a range of options in terms of both taste, interest, and budget.  East Jerusalem specialties can be loosely divided into raw materials, and finished products. Both will be equally attractive to a foodie, but for different reasons. The finished products will transport a taste across oceans that will be thoroughly appreciated by a food lover. The raw materials invite a foodie to play and experiment with these tastes that may be different to their usual store-cupboard staples. Some gifts for foodies could concentrate on raw materials, such as spices or tahini pastes; or could be chosen according to the sweet or savory tooth of the recipient. Our Gifts For Foodies department provides you with the ultimate selection of all these options, or invites you try them all with a tasters’ gift box combining some of our favorite beloved picks.

All of our gift ideas for foodies are available for international delivery. 

What is a foodie?

A foodie is someone who is passionate about food in all of its facets. Where a food comes from, the people behind the food, its history, the way that food connects individuals, how the food precipitates sharing, loving, laughing – this is what a foodie sees in food, above and beyond its taste and nutrition.  A foodie will know high quality products, will be interested in new and dynamic tastes, and will be eager to learn about and understand the materials they are using.  For this reason, it can be daunting to think of gift ideas for foodies, if you are not one yourself. This is where the East Jerusalem Goods Company comes to your assistance.

What can I buy for a foodie friend?

The key to buying good gifts for foodies is quality, authenticity, and artistry. The best gifts for foodies must radiate excellence; this means in its taste, texture, production, and presentation. As a foodie’s palate is expert and varied it is always a good idea to buy a foodie an assortment of products; the diversity of the gift will speak to your friend’s gastronomically inquisitive nature. 

What can a foodie find in east Jerusalem?

East Jerusalem is a veritable paradise for foodies. With culinary traditions dating back centuries, the artisans of today magically blend traditional foods and methods with modern twists, providing the discerning foodie with an unending choice. Just some of our most popular products are middle-eastern natural candy bars, using local coconut, sesame, and nuts; organic honey, high-quality olive oils, spices, and of course the iconic halvah bars and tahini, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of gift ideas for foodies from the Aladdin’s cave that is east Jerusalem. 

Do we ship gifts for foodies around the world?

The East Jerusalem Goods Company specializes in bringing the unique tastes of east Jerusalem to our clients around the globe. The best gifts for foodies must be of the highest quality on arrival, and so we have created specialist packaging to ensure the safe arrival of your order whist preserving the quality of the products. 

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